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The AFA Facial Peel Program

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The AFA program is a simple and effective antioxidant skin rejuvenation program. It is divided into Professional In-Office Treatments and Home-Use Products. Nevertheless, AFA formulations will only be dispensed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. There are many factors that have to be evaluated when prescribing the anti-oxidant formulation. Coexisting skin conditions such as rosacea, and actinic keratoses, etc., need to be assessed. Also, there needs to be an evaluation of other products and/or pharmaceuticals a patient is currently using. Finally, the patient needs to be provided with careful instructions, and monitoring to insure that they use using the AFA products properly in order to achieve the maximum benefit.

The simplicity of the program is very important. When there are too many steps in a program it often results in poor patient compliance, and therefore inadequate results. The AFA program can be as simple as cleansing and using a moisturizer in the morning, then cleansing and using an AFA Gel in the evening. Adding the AFA In-Office Peels on a regular basis can significantly accelerate the benefits, and that is why it is strongly recommended. Other additional products can be added to address specific patient needs.

Patient Selection for the AFA Program

Patient selection for any skin care program is very important. The reason that dermatologists and plastic surgeons are very successful with their skin rejuvenation programs is because of their experience in recommending the proper program or procedure to address a patient’s specific needs. AFA products have been used successfully on all skin types. There are no reports of any secondary, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation with AFA products, so these products are safe to use on any skin type. Certain patient types that will benefit more from AFA products than others:

  1. Patients looking to address photo damage and photo pigmentation. The AFA products have shown noticeable results for patients with photo-pigmentation.
  2. Patients with sensitive skin. Due to the chemical and physical properties of the AFA products, AFAs are less irritating than AHAs, and therefore can be better tolerated by patients with sensitive skin.
  3.  Patients with very dry skin. Patients that have experienced excessive dryness with the use of AHAs will often have a better experience with the AFA program.
  4.  Patients with darker or more reactive skin types. Patients with African American skin or with Asian skin have always been at risk of hyperpigmentation with the use of AHAs. However, there have been no reports of problems in these skin types with the use of AFAs.
  5. Patients going through non-ablative rejuvenation treatments such as Microdermabrasion, IPL, or Radio Frequency. AFA program offers a non-irritating, active, and effective daily skin care program that will enhance and accelerate the results of the microdermabrasion.

 What are AFAs™?

AFA facial peelAFA Amino Acid Skin Care products are a unique and fully patented (U.S. Patent # 6.197.317. 6.703.030) cosmeceuticals. The AFA skin care product line is simple and effective and produces noticeable improvements in the tone, texture and overall appearance of the skin. The AFA products are available through medical skin care professionals around the world. The science lies within the name “AFA”, an acronym for Amino acid Filaggrin based Antioxidants. Filaggrin is a protein that occurs in the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis, aiding in epidermal cell structure and alignment. Eventually, Filaggrin is metabolized in the epidermis into several acidic amino acids. These amino acids are the primary agents responsible for the skin’s ability to retain moisture, and contribute to the formation of the Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) of the skin. The NMF is the skin’s natural hydration system and a major contributor to the epidermal hydration and skin’s ability to look and feel healthy.

What does AFA Amino Acid Skin Care do?

AFAs Are Effective Exfoliants

It is not unusual to hear someone say, “Patients have no patience.” Patients want quick, if not immediate, results AFAs AFAs have optimal physical and chemical properties that allow for effective exfoliation of dead skin cells. Also, due to their optimal physical and chemical properties there is a minimal irritation associated with this exfoliation when compared to other commonly used commercial cosmeceuticals.

AFAs Promote Greater Moisture Retention

The naturally occurring acidic amino acids in the epidermis constitute what is generally described as the “Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF). In heavily oxidized, sun damaged skin, the amount of naturally occurring amino acids with moisturizing ability in the skin are significantly decreased which causes a decrease in skin’s moisture retention ability. The AFAs penetrate the skin and supplement the skin’s naturally occurring amino acids with moisturizing ability, enhancing the skin’s natural hydration properties.

AFAs Are Potent Antioxidants

AFAs are designed to have anti-oxidative abilities that are more enhanced due to the presence of three carboxyl groups which are absent in many other cosmeceuticals. The skin is constantly exposed to free oxygen radicals or negative super-oxides that contribute to premature aging of the skin. The antioxidant property of AFAs allows protection of the skin from these negative free radicals, reducing their potential to damage healthy skin.

The Visible Effects of AFAs Occur Quickly

AFAs were developed to work fast and effective, so patients will often notice an improvement in their skin within the first few days to a week. This is likely due to the immediate increase in moisture retention of the skin. This immediate improvement helps motivate the patient to stick with the program long enough to address more significant issues like photo-pigmentation. Moreover, clinical reports indicate that photo-pigmentation improves more quickly with AFAs rather than with other cosmeceuticals, this may be due to the combined effect of both potent anti-oxidation and exfoliation processes.

AFAs Are More Effective At Improving Photo-Pigmentation

Since AFAs are such a powerful exfoliating agent, it easily removes damaged, pigmented skin cells that are responsible for the visible signs of photo-pigmentation. This is likely because of the combined effects of anti-oxidation and exfoliation. Also, since AFAs are less irritating, patients are able to tolerate higher, more effective strengths than they would be able to with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). The result is a noticeable improvement in photo-pigmentation evenly across the skin surface.

AFAs Have Little Irritation Compared to AHAs

Due to the chemical and physical properties of AFAs, there is little irritation with the AFA Gels when compared to AHAs. This allows patients to achieve all of the benefits of improved exfoliation with minimal irritation. As the result this enhances patient compliance and satisfaction.

AFA Products

AFA Facial Peel Applications

Facial peel productsThe Facial Peel Applications are highly concentrated AFA formulations administered in office, only by trained medical personnel. They are designed to accelerate the beautifying effects of the home treatment regimen.

AFA Exfoliating Gels – Mild, Plus, and Max

The AFA Gels are the active products that the patient would use at home on a nightly basis. They are designed to be suitable for all skin types, they are available in three strengths, Gel Mild, Gel Plus, and Gel Max. They are the foundation of the home treatment program. Daily applications will result in a visible improvement of the skin. The AFA Gels are composed of natural elements, and have been clinically proven to be non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

AFA Gentle Cleanser with Dead Sea Minerals

The Cleanser is an ideal cleansing complement to the AFA Gels. The pH of the cleanser has been adjusted to match that of the skin, using L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Dead Sea Minerals, and helps to promote the natural defenses of the skin. It is gentle, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, yet effectively removes the most stubborn make-up residue. It is designed especially to enhance the effectiveness of the AFA program. The cleanser is suitable for all skin types and is very concentrated, so only a few drops are needed for an in-depth facial cleaning.

The Moisturizers

Facial peel productsThe Moisturizers are intended to be used by patients during the day, with the active AFA Gels being applied at night. They are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, as well as there are three variations available in order to work with different skin types.

AFA Moisturizer with Dead Sea Minerals

The AFA moisturizer is a rich, elegant moisturizer that is ideal for patients with normal to dry skin types. It is fortified with L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Purines, and Dead Sea Minerals, and it has non-comedogenic formulation that is dye and fragrance free. The AFA Moisturizer is powerful, thus patients are encouraged to only use small amounts to adequately hydrate the face, but as often as necessary. Given a few minutes to absorb into facial skin, it provides a smooth base on which facial foundations can be applied.

AFA Oil-Free Moisturizer with Dead Sea Minerals

The AFA Oil Free Moisturizer is an elegant fast absorbing moisturizer that is designed for patients with normal to oily skin type. It has non-comedogenic formulation that is dye and fragrance free. Many patients select to use this formulation when they are “on the go,” because it absorbs quickly into the skin, and to use the regular Moisturizer at other times.

AFA Micro-Exfoliating Masque

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The AFA Micro-Exfoliating Masque combines Acidified Amino Acid into an ultra-smooth anti-oxidating clay masque to achieve an intimate contact with the skin. Furthermore, it promotes deep penetration of the exfoliant while drawing out oils and impurities. The masque can be used on all skin types, but it is ideal for patients with normal to oily skin. The AFA Masque should be used once or twice a week to deep treat facial skin. A weekly application of the the Masque, either alone or as a part of the AFA skin care program, will result in a tighter, more toned, healthy looking skin. The AFA Micro Exfoliating Masque is not meant to compete with the AFA in-office facial.

AFA Advanced Treatment Body Lotion with Dead Minerals

The AFA Advanced Treatment Body Lotion is intended to be used on the body in areas of visible sun damage, specifically the areas of the chest and back of the hands. This is not a general purpose body lotion. Furthermore, this lotion is ideal for daily use by patients to complement IPL body treatments.

AFA Toner Mist with Dead Sea Minerals

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The AFA Toner Mist is purified water based mist that contains no alcohol or astringents. It is fortified with Dead Sea Minerals and natural moisture retaining agents. It soothes and cools the skin after AFA professional treatments, as well as refreshes the skin when used as part of the AFA home use regime. Also, the use of the AFA Toner Mist after cleansing helps remove any residual make up.

AFA Eye Cream

The AFA Eye Cream is an ultra-rich, elegant, moisturizing eye cream. It is designed for application around the delicate, often dehydrated skin around the eyes. The AFA Eye Cream should be used in small amounts; even a small amount is adequate for hydration around the eyes. It is patients’ favorite.


An AFA Gel designed to be used as part of an acne or rosacea program. It has low, but effective, concentrations of AFAs and Vitamin C, with powerful cleansing and keratolytic capabilities. It is a perfect lower cost product for the teen acne market.